10 Steps to Finding a Great Wedding Photographer

The conflicting advice you get can sometimes make your head spin! When it comes to wedding photography, how far in advance of your wedding date should you be booking a photographer? Although it can vary for different locations and customs, the average engagement is about 14 months and the average engaged couple books their photographer nine months before the wedding date. Of course, engagements can be much shorter or longer, depending on the circumstances. A good rule of thumb is that if your wedding is less than a year away, you should be actively searching for your photographer. If your wedding is less than nine months away, it should be your top priority in your wedding planning! Why do you need to book your photographer so early? Unlike some other wedding vendors such as florists, tux rentals, caterers, etc.

Should You “Date” Your Photographer? We Think so—Here’s Why

Before you begin researching photographers, you’ll need to first decide what type of photography style you prefer, as that will help determine which kind of photographer you’ll want shooting your wedding. Get inspired! Maybe that’s formal-posed portraits, a classic photography style or a lifestyle, photojournalistic feel. If you love sharp and contrast-y shots, perhaps a photographer with a flair for the dramatic is the right choice for you.

But if there’s a special style you love, make sure to focus on photographers who specialize in it. Carefully review potential photographers’ websites and blogs to check out photos of other weddings they’ve shot, which will give you an idea of their style.

How do I book Corin as my photographer? I require a booking fee of € to confirm a wedding booking and hold that date. This is non-refundable. No wedding.

Aloha and welcome to the blog! If you are a believer in Disney magic, waiting for your Hogwarts letter, or watches The Office on repeat, you my friend, are in the right place! Take a look around, get to know me and my work, and then, let’s plan your special day! We have worked together on countless sessions, like these:. Anyways, we started discussing some issues we were having with our recent inquiries! We both had been getting inquires that were very vague or with just no information, like this:.

As you can see, this particular inquiry gives me nothing really. No date, what type of session, etc. So, I will have to write an email back asking those things before I can even give this person a quote. So, we wanted to list a few essentials that we think you should include when you inquire with me:. Here is a great example of an email with the right amount of information! I was able to message her right back with availability, quotes and got the process rolling!

The Wedding Photography Process

I’m Amy, a traveling wedding and engagement photographer based out of gorgeous Sonoma County. I take pretty pictures. I also take emotionally raw, joyous, classic, honest, sneaky, passionate, hilarious, sexy, heartwarming, unposed, unfiltered, unforgettable, colorful, playful, dramatic, solemn, whimsical, laugh-out-loud because you didn’t know it happened pictures. Documenting hundreds of weddings has deepened my joy of authentic storytelling. It’s also been a catalyst for my cake addiction, so I hope you’re cool with being an enabler.

I also take emotionally raw, joyous, classic, honest, passionate, hilarious, sexy, heartwarming, unposed, unforgettable, colorful, playful, dramatic, whimsical, laugh-out-loud because you didn’t know it happened pictures.

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Are your prices too high, or too low? Perhaps all your competitors are secretly dating wedding planners? The reality is that these days it requires a little more savvy to be a successful wedding photographer. There are so many different styles of wedding photography. Photojournalistic, posed, quirky and fun, romantic, fashion, traditional, highly retouched, and so on.

Pick a style that you love to photograph and then specialize in it. Only show that style of photography in all your marketing. The more defined you can make it, the better because people who love that style will be drawn to you. Hiring a wedding photographer is a huge decision for a bride and groom. They have to pay a large sum of money to have a stranger stand by their side all day on one of the most important days of their life.

For example:. One way to get more wedding inquiries is to handle these concerns within your marketing. So how might you deal with their concerns? Inject some feeling into it.

Save the Date Wedding Photography

A deposit is required to hold the date. I can only personally photograph one wedding per day, which is why I have to book the entire day out for a photography session. Most clients book my service a year in advance to ensure my availability. This was until I started to make a loss on it. After booking one wedding, I turned down three weddings for the same date, letting them know that I was booked. Unfortunately, the bride and groom I originally booked cancelled because of unfortunate circumstances.

Trying to knot is no doubt one of the best decisions you have ever made, but it is the time when you know all time remembering, and only photography can make.

I have created a list of different things you can do to get ahead or get started on wedding planning during self-isolation. Start by researching different ideas, different themes, inspiration, etc. Once you have narrowed down the vision for your wedding day, you can begin researching venues. You want a venue where you will be able to make your vision come to life. Ways to search venues could be on Pinterest, Google, The Knot, etc.

I suggest to find at least venues you are in love with online after checking out their website and social media to tour. Everything always looks different in person. Most of the time… prettier. It depends on what is more important to you… date vs. Most photographers will not book with you until you have a wedding date and venue set in stone.

After you have nailed down both, start searching for photographers.

Covid-19 Corona Virus

Wedding photographers see countless couples on their big day – and while documenting the whole affair, they get access to some quite intimate moments between two people who have just made a HUGE commitment and statement about their love. So, they are probably quite good at deciphering whether a couple seem in it for the long haul, right? Well, that’s what the people of Reddit reckoned, which led to this thread on whether wedding photographers can tell whether a couple is going to last or not, and if so, how?

And it wasn’t just photographers, other people in the wedding industry who are equally privy to how a couple behave offered their two cents to the list. Of course, you can’t always judge someone’s relationship based on one day of behaviour – because hello, weddings are stressful AF, and sometimes you’re not quite yourself! And some Redditors said they wouldn’t claim to be experts on another couple, or to even know what had happened after they stopped taking photos.

Date: 30 August Before the early s, it was practically the only style of wedding photography that is with beautiful poses created in a studio or on.

The world is a somewhat scary place these days. With the crisis of the Coronavirus Covid , there is no doubt that the uncertainty has begun to sink already, and if you are getting married in I’m sure the rollercoaster of emotions has already begun. For weddings beyond June, there is still a lot uncertainty surrounding whether or not you should or can proceed, if your venue or vendors will cancel, and if your out of town guests will be able to travel.

Let me begin by saying, our hearts go out to you during all these difficult decisions and loss. You have been waiting for this day for so long and no one could have predicted this situation. It is devastating and you need the time to process and feel all the feels that come with it. Please know that your vendors are also grieving this loss for you – we were just as excited as you were to see your dreams come true in the form of a wedding! Rather than flooding your inbox with yet another lengthy email, I have created this web page with all the information I believe is important for my couples to know regarding my approach to Covid, and how I’m moving forward with the rest of and into While I cannot currently offer refunds on booking deposits, I am working hard to reschedule postponed weddings with as much ease and flexibilty as possible.

This means I will not be charging any fees for changing your date later in the season , and I’m prepared to work as hard as necessary later in the season when dates open again. This means, I can say with confidence that it will not be a problem for me to cover multiple weddings in a week, do my absolute best all the time, and still honour my turn-around time for your image galleries. This means I have already been working with couples whose weddings have already been affected due to venue closures, or immediate family members living internationally and unable to travel.

Wedding photographers reveal the 12 signs that a marriage WON’T last

We can ensure that your wedding photos will be precious family heirlooms for you and your spouse in the years to come. Our candid, photojournalistic style is well-suited to tell the story of your wedding day. To ensure that your special day gets documented without a hitch, we provide:. We also offer engagement photo shoots with the best experience for you and your future spouse in mind.

All photo products are delivered to you in four to six weeks after your wedding date via an emailed invitation to your online gallery, where you are free to order reprints, download any digital files, share images on social media or with family and friends, and have access to backup files for the future.

This means I will not be charging any fees for changing your date later in the season, and I’m prepared to work as hard as necessary later in the season​.

Once the confetti has settled and the honeymoon is over comes the exciting time to receive your wedding photos. So how do you go about choosing the right photographer? The terminology around wedding photography can be baffling, especially what the different styles of wedding photography mean. Image: Kay Zieba Photography. Reportage photography is also known as photojournalistic or documentary photography.

Your photographer will stand among and around you and your guests capturing candid and spontaneous shots. Reportage style is all about reactions and emotions so expect your photos to tell the real story of your day. Pros: Captures story and emotions while being relaxed and unobtrusive Cons: No posed group photos unless you ask for them. Image: Florian Photography.

Traditional or formal wedding photography is the classic posed look you see in conventional group shots of the couple and the wedding party. This used to be the most popular style and involves plenty of direction from the photographer, but it also takes time and you might miss some of the action of the day. Your photos are likely to be a bit formulaic, but will be beautifully shot and well-lit.

How to Find a Wedding Photographer

Did you go to school? Just what goes into wedding photography? What do you do other than shoot on Saturdays? Before beginning my career as a wedding photographer, I actually knew very little about the inner workings of this business. I knew that I loved photography, and I knew that I loved photographing weddings specifically.

Over the years, I’ve come to find that my absolute favorite weddings to date – from the images to the unforgettable memories made with my brides and grooms –.

Grab one for professional results and check our our free guides! Ultimate Source for Wedding Photographer education, dating advice and social media tips for the adventurous. Your favourite wedding photography blog. We know this time at home can bring on waves of emotion, but on the bright side: Extra time at home means If you’re searching for relationship tips right now, here are Junebug’s best ideas for coming out of quarantine stronger than ever. This couple just couldn’t keep off of each other before getting eloped ClassicWeddingIdeas.

Krista and Ty moved to Salt Lake City from the midwest last year with a car full of plants, their amazing thrift finds, and their baby Bru.

Three wedding photography package deposits to suit all budgets

We think the trend of save the date photoshoot is going to stay popular among couples for a very long time. After all, the brides and grooms get to spend a lot of quality time during the shoot before wedding festivities kickstart in a formal way. Couples are looking for different ideas to shoot their save the date pictures in the cutest and unique way. To help out grooms and brides, we curated the pictures of best save the date photo shoot.

These images will give a lot of ideas to steal. So, if you are looking for ideas scroll down the images and also remember to bookmark this photo gallery page for reference.

A good wedding photographer and these latest pictures are all you need to conceptualize your save the date photo shoot. Here are a couple of ideas to choose.

Not to play favorites—because we love all vendors —but your photographer is one of the most important pros you’ll have at your wedding. And if you want those photos to be as perfect as possible, you’re going to want to listen to what some professional photographers have to say. Read the biggest mistakes professional photographers have seen other couples make—so you can avoid them—below. There’s a lot to consider in terms of photographing and natural light.

Certain times of day are more photogenic than others midday sun casts harsh, unflattering shadows on the face while late-day sun casts a beautiful, warm glow on everyone. Being an hour late can make or break your images. Don’t just assume it only takes 10 minutes.

Dating Profile Portraits

Dan and I met up for his session and immediately dove into a pantheon of bad dating stories. After lots of shooting, posing, and laughing, we needed a little something to cool off, so we popped into a bar for a quick drink. Dan and I share the same favorite drink. You could say also that we share our opinion over what the best drink is. I take your excuse and I reject it.

I’m sure if you are a wedding photographer like myself then your business will have They can pick a new date with my availability in mind.

Contact Details:. Simon mobile: Text or Whats App. All is not lost. Your day will get rescheduled and be all the more appreciated and all the more awesome because of it! We realise this is an extremely stressful time for you, but we want you to realise we are doing as much as possible to help you and other couples to move your wedding with us as we possibly can. We hope you can act in a similar way; fair and positive, as we can get through this, even if we have to make some compromises.

We have already moved all bride and grooms that had weddings from April to June, to new dates. There have been compromises that have been made by both parties but for the vast majority, we have found satisfactory outcomes. Some couples have moved their dates to others have had to look at midweek and Sundays to get a viable date, that all suppliers can agree too.


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